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Robert Durham

Robert Durham


Since Robert Durham started Juggernauts Moving & Storage over five years ago, he has found ways to give back to the community through his business. The company has held annual fundraisers for children and their families since the beginning and with the founding of the Juggernaut’s Kids Foundation, he hopes to give back in a different way.


He has over 10 years of experience in the moving industry and brings a wealth of knowledge about building successful businesses. His business has received many awards and he is known for delivering the best quality service. With all these things combined, he founded the Juggernaut’s Kids Foundation which focuses on community building and anti-bullying initiatives. Robert, a dad himself, knows that children are the future, so creating spaces for them to feel safe and heard was his number one goal.

Since the beginning, the Juggernauts logo was always supposed to be a symbol of strength. Now we want it to be a symbol of strength and inspiration for our children.

Juggernaut's Kids Foundation Arm Logo